18 June 2006

Two Statues

In 1975 & 1976, the following two statues were installed at Zion Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Detroit. They were custom made in Italy and donated by parishioners in memory of loved ones. They grace two alcoves in the Nave designed in 1933 with, I'm sure, no thought that statues would one day appear. Since their installation, both stations have been used as places of prayer.

These statues are known as either the Madonna or Theotokos statue, and the Christus or Christos statue. As one might imagine, the former induces quite a number of comments from those who question the propriety of its appearance in a Lutheran Church. However, it has caused no consternation among the parishioners of Zion, who have been carefully catechized concerning the veneration of the pure, holy, ever-Virgin Mother of God.

NOTE: Here are more photos of the interior of Zion Church.

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