26 July 2006

The Plan of Salvation

The plan was for [Christ] to mingle, without change on his part, with human nature by true hypostatic union[;] to unite human nature to himself while remaining immutable, so that he might become a man, as he alone knew how, and so that he might deify humanity in union with himself. (Ad Thalassium 21)

[So] by his gracious condescension God became man and is called man for the sake of man and[,] by exchanging his condition for ours[,] revealed the power that evelates man to God through his love for God, and brings God down to man because of his love for man. By this blessed inversion, man is made God by divinization and God is made man by hominization. For the Word of God and God will always and in all things to accomplish the mystery of his embodiment. (Ambiguum 7)

St Maximos the Confessor in On the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ.

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