06 December 2006

On the Radio (II)

For those who may be interested, yesterday Rev Todd Wilken analyzed the interview I gave on the Orthodox radio program “Come Receive the Light.” You may access Wilken’s analysis at the KFUO website. Look for Tuesday, December 5. Rev. Wilken’s analysis begins halfway through “Hour 2”, and concludes in “Hour 3.”

On the whole, I appreciate the tenor of the segments. As often happens in these venues, there is speculation about what I may or may not say to certain issues or questions; and what the Orthodox may or may not teach. In some instances, the speculation hit the mark; in other instances, it did not.


BJA said...

I listened to the Lutheran program. I wish I could have called in to clarify a few things!

The point about your title was particularly annoying. Yes, of course, the Orthodox don't recognize Lutheran ordination; but, Father Chris referring to you as "Father" was out of respect and charity for you (it would have been rather rude to constantly refer to you as "Mr. Fenton").

I certainly wouldn't have any problem referring to MISTER Wilken as "Reverend" or "Pastor" or even "Father" even though my Orthodox Bishop does not recognize the validity of his priesthood.

And even though you haven't received Orthodox holy orders (not yet anyway), the Orthodox shouldn't have any problem seeing you a "spiritual father" in a real sense to the folks who will form your new mission. And you will be fully, sacramentally, so when you are ordained. This ordination will truly confirm and fill up what was infirm and lacking in your Lutheran pastorate.

Also, the host and callers fail to see your point about Ansemian soteriology. We don't deny the concepts of ransom, atonement, God's wrath, etc. We are just nervous about Anselm's rather particular and novel theological speculations about these concepts (concepts that Protestantism has taken to an extreme).

BJA said...

Also, wouldn't it have been more fair for the Reverend Todd Wilken to offer you a live interview, rather than merely dissect a recording that can't respond?

FredricJEinstein said...

Wilken is famous for his "playing the tape and disallowing comment" deception ploy. It's in this way that he can slant everything to his point of view.

A few months ago, he pre-recorded an interview with some Eastern Orthodox personality (I'm not sure who it was). As he played the tape of this interview, he would pause it and insert his own comments and opinions (all of which were negative towards Eastern Orthodoxy -- but that's another story). The poor Eastern Orthodox interviewee had no chance to respond to Wilkin's derogatory comments. I'm quite sure that the hapless interviewee had no idea that Wilken was going to play such evil and deceptive "tricks" when he agreed to be interviewed by Wilkin. It's also apparent that the interviewee on that particular episode could have certainly responded to the mis-representation of Eastern Orthodox beliefs that Wilken spewed as he paused the interview and interjected his own defaming lies and blasphemies.

Wilken, in his "edited commentaries" on Eastern Orthodoxy or Catholicism displays true gutless cowardice and villainy (hmmmmm.. sounds like the same character traits as the Saduceean Temple priesthood who condemned the Messiah to the Cross) by not having the courage to truly honestly face his opponents, state his case, and let his listeners come to whatever conclusion is the correct one.


Fredric Einstein
(Not Eastern Orthodox -- Just someone who would like to see some honesty and integrity from Wilkin in his all too public forum)