17 February 2008

Holy Incarnation Church has a Home!

Negotiations for the purchase of a church home for Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church were successfully concluded on Tuesday, 12 February 2008. The closing culminated a year-long search for Holy Incarnation's own building. The purchase was blessed by Metropolitan PHILIP and Bishop MARK. They also blessed the release of funds held in trust from the former Incarnation Orthodox Church in Detroit.

Holy Incarnation is a Western Rite Orthodox parish in metropolitan Detroit. Western Rite parishes are Orthodox parishes utilizing the liturgical tradition of European Christianity. In particular, the Sunday Mass follows the historic Latin or Roman rite. All of our services are in English but the order of worship, customs, and liturgical art follows a pattern familiar to most Christians in Europe and America.

From 1975-2001, Incarnation Orthodox Church in Detroit served the liturgical needs of Western Rite Orthodox Christians in and around Detroit, and was the cornerstone of the Western Orthodoxy in the Midwest. Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church builds on the legacy of the former Incarnation parish. The new building will further the permanent re-establishment of a Western Rite presence in Detroit. It also increases the Orthodox presence and mission in the downriver area. The newly purchased building is located in Lincoln Park, Michigan, a near suburb in the downriver area of Detroit.

The building is in good repair, but will require renovations so that the worship space is suitable for the Western Orthodox liturgy. For updates concerning the move, and to learn more about Holy Incarnation, readers are invited to visit the Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church.


Matthew N. Petersen said...

Laus Deo!

Deo Gratias!

Thanks be to God!

And Congratulations.

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

Thank God! What sort of work needs to be done? What's the time-frame to do it? If there will be projects later on towards Spring, maybe we could get a group of workers together from Holy Cross to help...

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Pictures forthcoming, Father?