10 July 2008

Thoughts on Today's Blog Reading

My busy summer schedule has not permitted me much time to attend to my blog. Yet today, for whatever reason, I took the time to read a few of my favorite blogs. My attention was first caught by an inter-Lutheran debate on how long the Body and Blood of Christ remain the Body and Blood of Christ. Having once entered into these debates, I read extensively various sources. In the end, I found--and still find--them to be rather tedious since the debate often boils down to "my Martin trumps your Martin." See here, here, here and here if you're interested.

That bit of reading led me elsewhere. I read the angst of Church of England bishops (see here, here and here) who are distraught both (a) that the latest final straw has been reached in discovering that the Church of England is not the Church, and (b) that Rome (no mention of Orthodoxy) does not accept them as the Church.

I sympathize with these bishops (as I do also with the above mentioned Lutherans) because I know from experience how hard it is, in the midst of debate or angst, to step back and see what seems clear to others.

Finally, I was led to Fr Gregory Hogg's blog. He seems to be commenting on these, and other, discussions when he suggests a similarity in the line of thought between the errors of "receptionism," the Protestant definition of visible/invisible (or hidden/revealed, if you prefer) Church, Nestorianism, Barthianism, etc. I think he's on to something, but he admits he is having difficulty classifing the similarities.

One commentator suggested that the common theme is reductionism. What I suggest is my next post. So "stay tuned." :)

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