30 October 2008

Bishop to Ordain former Lutheran pastor

On Sunday, 14 December, Bishop MARK of the Diocese of Toledo & the Midwest will ordain Daniel Hackney to the diaconate at St James Orthodox Church in Williamston MI. Subdeacon Hackney is a former Lutheran pastor who visited Holy Incarnation several times before becoming Orthodox. He has been studying at St Tikhon Seminary.


Rosko said...

Glory to God for all things! May God grant him many many years!

Harry (a former Lutheran pre-Seminarian)

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

It's wonderful news, Fr. John. Axios!

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Will he be Western or Eastern Rite?
Thanks for the photos on the updated "HOLY INCARNATION" site.
Things look like they are coming along nicely.

Fr John W Fenton said...


I don't know where Sbdn Hackney will serve as Deacon, nor where he will serve when ordained as priest. That is a bishop's decision.

I'm glad you like the photos and updates. Might we expect a visit?

orrologion said...

I'll have to keep a look out for him the next time I'm up at STOTS. We have a house an hour south of South Canaan. I haven't been able to get away since we've had the baby, but I want to bring Jasper up.