11 February 2006


I had a parishioner once encourage me to repeat my sermons every so often. "After all," said he, "we all like to watch reruns of our favorite TV shows."

Others have encouraged the same with the reasoning that my sermons tend to be rather compact in use of language and thought, and so there is benefit to a second hearing.

Therefore, extending this advice to this forum, from time to time I'll be "re-running" a few items that have been first made available, over the years, at the ZIONNEWS email list. I hope those who have seen them before don't mind seeing them again.


Anonymous said...

I wish you well on your good plan. My experience, however, is that I can never leave well enough alone, and the rerun becomes modestly to extensively revised. The interesting to me thing about reruns is that my members often don't notice a rerun if I've changed some unique reference, image, or point, and if I've used said reference, image, or point in a totally different sermon, they thank me for preaching a rerun! The lesson here, painful to say, is that illustrations and unique constructions (grammatical or syntactical) seem to last longer in the mind than the lesson that they were enlisted to convey!

Fr John W Fenton said...

Pr Schaibley,

I have the same experience you do--when I preach a "rerun," I usually modify it (sometimes more, sometimes less) because I'm never happy when I revisit what I've written.

Also, I resonate with your point about illustrations, etc. I've noticed the same myself.