02 December 2008

Bishop to Visit Holy Incarnation

His Grace Bishop MARK will preside at Holy Incarnation as the parish joints the Church in celebrating the Feast of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary next Monday (8 December).

Vespers begins at 5:30 p.m., and Mass will be celebrated at 6:00 p.m.

During His Grace's visit, Bishop MARK will inspect the work on the Sanctuary project.

Note: In the Western tradition, the Conception of the BVM is commemorated on 8 December, while in the Byzantine tradition this feast is commemorated on 9 December.


Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

Excellent. Say Father, what do we say in the Western Tradition when the Bishop enters the room/Sanctuary? Does Bishop Mark know the Mass yet?

Fr John W Fenton said...


To my knowledge, the Western tradition does not know the Byzantine practice of singing a particular anthem or song whenever the Bishop enters a room. However, during the Solemn Reception of the Bishop when he makes an official visit to the parish, the choir (or congregation) sings "O Priest and Bishop" (from the Common of a Confessor Bishop) or also Ecce sacerdos magnus. Some parishes (such as Holy Incarnation) will sing the same antiphon when the bishop enters another room.

His Grace Bishop MARK knows the Mass, in that His Grace is able to preside from the faldstool or throne. However, His Grace does not feel competent to celebrate Mass, which is understandable since only one of the nearly 50 parishes in His Grace's diocese is Western Rite.

Pray for me.