09 December 2008

Scenes from Last Night's Mass

The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated last evening (8 Dec) at Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church. Bishop MARK, our diocesan Bishop, presided at both Vespers and Mass. He then spoke encouraging words to the parishioners concerning the progress of the Sanctuary Project.

Photographs of the evening candlelight Mass can be viewed here.


Rosko said...

Wonderful photos, Father. One of these days I need to make it to Detroit. I actually was able to make it once before I was Orthodox and attended Mass at your former Lutheran parish. But alas, one of these days.

I find myself saying that about a lot of things.

mike said...

Dear Father Fenton,

My name is Michael Cook - a CTS Ft. Wayne grad of '94. Chrismated with my family on Aug 16 into Orthodoxy. We are members of Holy Cross in Dorr. Please know that I am grateful to be in fellowship with you, and look forward to our first meeting. I read your blog often and pray when I am there for your parish. What great strides you have made thus far. The pictures of your candlelight mass with the Bishop are beautiful. We had dinner with Bishop Mark on Saturday night at St. Nicholas. Many years to him and to you Father.

Peace Mike