02 April 2006

"Come to Me"

Our Lord lovingly appeals to the Jews, and also to all the hesitant, to all the wary, to all the unwilling, to all the fearful. Our Lord urges them all to lay aside their hatred and meanness, and to see past their fears. For they fear that He will take away their place and nation. They fear that they will lose out on the zest of life. They fear that they’ll lose control. And they fear that it’s a trap—that God the Father is more like the fathers and men they’ve always known—abusive, demanding, cold-hearted, selfish and uncaring.

“Come to Me,” Our Lord says. “And walk away from your fears. Come to Me, and know—truly know—My Father. For He is not like your father, who lies to you every chance he gets; and who is in it only for himself. For your father is the father of lies. But My Father—He is the Father of Life, the Begetter of Truth. He not only loves. He is Love. So lose yourself and your fears, and come to Me. For by heeding My word, you shall never see death.”

An excerpt from today's sermon.

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