26 February 2007

Ordination Pictures I

Below are pictures from my ordination as an Orthodox priest. Although I serve a Western Rite parish, I was ordained according to the Byzantine rite.

Archpriest David Lynch and Archimandrite Daniel Keller
(two Western rite priests) present Deacon John for ordination.

Bishop MARK blesses Deacon John so that he may be ordained.

Priest-elect John is led around the altar by his ordination sponors.

Bishop MARK ordains Priest-elect John Fenton while the Litany is sung.

Bishop MARK declares "Axios" ("He is worthy"), and the people respond by singing "Axios!"


Dixie said...

Axios! Thanks very much for sharing the pictures with us. It's good to be able to type "Father" again.

FredricJEinstein said...

Most worthy Fr. Fenton,

May the Apostolically Ordained Priesthood of our Messiah be blessed to witness many more WESTERN RITE ORDINATIONS of deacons and priests in the near future!

God's Blessings on your standing in the place of Our Righteous Messiah at the true and complete fulfillment of the Divine Service of The Lord's Holy Temple at St. Gregory's Holy Mass!

May you and your congregation be blessed to celebrate many Eucharists in communion with the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!

Fred E.

Barnabas Powell said...

Father John,

May God grant you many years!

From all of us at OCN and Come Receive The Light.

Fr. Andrew said...

Axios! May God grant you many, many years!