06 June 2007

Conservative Philosophy

For 18 months, in addition to various other tasks, I've been teaching formal classes in Philosophy on the junior college and high school level. While I've always found teaching to be personally invigorating, explaining the history and concepts of philosophy has been quite stimulating as it has sharpened my thinking, hopefully my writing (you can be the judge of that), and broadened my mental Weltanschauung.

During this past year, I've used a variety of resources in the high school classroom. FIRST THINGS has become a staple especially when discussing morals & ethics to Catholic students. The conversion of Dr Robert C. Koons has led me to investigate Right Reason, a blog that I'm sure I'll continue to use as a resource.

Currently on Right Reason, Alexander Pruss has been offering an occasional commentary on love. I've found it fascinating, especially since the high school Christian Philosophy class ended the year studying Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Deus Caritas Est. (It yielded some of the best papers by high school students that I've ever read.) I'll also want to spend some time reading omments on Nietzsche.

Therefore, I'm commending Right Reason to my readers--especially those who are interested in philosophy.

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