18 August 2007

Attaining the Lord's Promises

Using themes drawn from the Collect, Epistle and Gospel from tomorrow's Mass, here is a summary:

Only our merciful Lord gives us the gift that we offer Him faithful and laudable service. He gives this gift so that we might strive, without stumbling, to obtain the fullness of His promises. This is our prayer, particularly in the Collect at the beginning of this Mass. The glorious promises for which we strive are then mentioned by St. Paul; namely, the abundant glory the Lord ministers to us. And how does He minister to us? As the Good Samaritan ministered to the man left for dead on Jericho Road. Without hesitation, without condemnation, without scolding, without reproach, Our Lord mercifully ministers to us in our need, bringing us back from the brink of death to the vitality of true life. Not only does He rescue in our need, He also sets us up in His Church so that, with the support of the faithful and the saints, we might together attain His glorious promises. Let this, then, remain our prayer both today and throughout the week.

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