21 October 2007

Tagged - Seven True Things

Anastasias at Kyrie Eleison tagged me. The rule, as she explains it, is that I'm supposed to list seven true things. Apparently, these things are supposed to introduce whatever readers I have to greater knowledge about myself. Hence, I can't simply write I'm male, I'm a priest, etc.--all of which are true. So I'll try to comply with the spirit of this game. My list, I'm sure, will be quite boring.

1. The longest I've lived in one house is 11+ years (1 June 1995 to 17 Aug 2006).

2. My youngest child is two.

3. Three of my siblings live in one state. (No, it's not "confusion.")

4. I currently work four jobs.

5. I teach five classes in the Theology & Foreign Language Departments at a Catholic High School.

6. The number of years my wife and I have been married is divisible by six.

7. In the only marathon I've ever run, I ran the first mile in 7 minutes. (I ran the rest of the marathon in 2 hr 32 min.)

And now, for whatever it's worth, I tag Ben Johnson, Chris Hall, and David Sch├╝tz.

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