10 July 2008

Morey & Orthodoxy

A brother priest yesterday brought to my attention that Robert A. Morey's book "Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?" has recently received some laudatory "air-time" in a recently weekly publication distributed to various Lutherans (and others). I've not read this book, and know nothing of Morey except what he has written about himself and what I found here.

What I found interesting are the reviews or comments to his book as they appear near the bottom of the Amazon website.

The brother priest asked if a response to the publication would be helpful. Knowing the publication and its desire not to inform but to promote a certain view of Lutheranism, and its propensity of twisting words, I suggested that my brother priest leave it alone. Having now skimmed the outline and the reviews, my suggestion remains firmly entrenched.


Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Father, Bless!
i know who "DR" Morey is and what he is all about. i used to listen to his radio program before it was forced off the 'Christian
Radio Stations'. He is a Sola Scriptura Bible fundamentalist Protestant with dubious credentials.
The schools he claims to have attended and received his degrees from are no longer in operation (if they were ever 'real' as recognized institutions). He is not afraid of confrontations with Muslims or Roman catholics if those accounts are factual.
I for one will not bother to read anything he writes and question his so called interviews with any Orthodox Theologians of repute.
Personally, I don't think any Orthodox should get involved with him or his group as you can never win an argument because he defines what things mean and if you disagree with his definition that proves you are a heretic or worse.
All of this is just my opinion but I am sure others would agree who know of him first hand. He is virulently anti-Catholic and to him Orthodoxy is just as evil.
You have been warned.

David said...

RE: Morey's schools,

I cannot vouch for the other two schools, but Covenant College and Westminster Theological Seminary are fully credited and broadly respected institutions that are still in operation. Covenant college in particular is renowned for its Philosophy program, although I should declare a bias; I'm set to receive my BA in Philosophy from Covenant this fall.

That being said, Morey seems to be a poor reflection on his various alma maters. I'm not seeing the kind of intellectual engagement with Orthodoxy from him that my professors would expect from me. The Curmudgeon is probably right; arguing with (or merely informing) Morey would be a waste of time and effort.

Jnorm said...

I read the book, and my refutation is about 60% done. Lord willing, I should be done with it soon.


John (Ad Orientem) said...

Someone recently offered me a copy of the book. After doing a very quick skim and being frankly appalled by what I was reading, I did an online search to see what others were saying about the book.

After reading the various reviews including Perry Robinson's I politely returned the book with the explanation that my reading schedule does not currently allow time for fiction. While I have no intention of reading this book I am giving more than a passing thought to writing a letter to the editor of the magazine that wrote the linked article/review. They should be embarrassed.