08 January 2009

Prayers for Fr Richard John Neuhaus

UPDATE: Fr Richard John Neuhaus passed away this morning (8 Jan) shortly before 10:00 a.m.
Requiescat in pace. + May his memory be eternal.
(Rdr) Christopher Orr alerts us that last rites have been administered to Fr Richard John Neuhaus.

The writings of Fr Neuhaus have informed and strengthened a good deal of my thinking on moral philosophy and theology, and he has made several shorter comments on ecclesiology which have been quite helpful. When he spoke at a symposium at Concordia Theological Semianry in Forty Wayne, I had the pleasure of meeting Fr Neuhaus and speaking with him briefly, reminding him of his days at Zion Lutheran in Detroit.

His passing, coupled with the recent repose of Avery Cardinal Dulles, would extinguish two of the leading lights for American Catholics.

May the Lord grant him a peaceful repose.


Dixie said...

Dear Father,

I don't know much about Father Neuhaus other than he was Lutheran and became a prominant Roman Catholic. What is his connection to Zion?

Prayers for his peaceful repose.

William Tighe said...

He died shortly before 10 am this morning, cuius anima propicietur Deus; amen.


Fr John W Fenton said...


Fr Neuhaus severed an internship for at least one summer when the Reverend Kenneth E. Runge was Pastor of Zion. Neuhaus reported said, "Everything I learned about the (Lutheran) liturgy I learned at Zion."