15 January 2011

Metropolitan Jonah's visit to a Lutheran congregation

As a former Lutheran minister in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, I find intriguing and heartening the visit of His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah to Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This event raises many thoughts and questions in my mind; but for now, I simply wish to share this video contain His Beatitude's address to the Lutheran congregation.


Matthew M said...

Unfortunately, neither the video or audio work.

Fr John W Fenton said...

Hi Matthew,

I just checked, and the audio and video work fine for me. I'm not technically aware enough to know why it would not work for you.

Rosko said...

It takes quite a long time to load on my machine, but it does work.

Matthew M said...

Thankfully Byzantine Texas re-posted this and it worked O.K> from his site.
Awaiting your observations on Metropolitan Jonah's talk.