03 March 2007

What a Fine Gift!

Recently, one of my parishioners gave me a copy of A Commentary on the Psalms by J. M. Neale & R. F. Littledale. He gave it because we are currently studying the Penitential Psalms, and I lamented how the translation of St John Chrysostom's commentary on the Psalms does not contain comments on each of the 7 Psalms.

The Neale set is four volumes and is by no means not a new production. And it's a set I've desired for some time. It's packed with patristic commentaries on each Psalm as well as the liturgical use of the Psalms according to a number of usages (Gregorian, Ambrosian, Byzantine, etc.)

For those who are looking to buy their priest a great gift, or for those who are interested in an excellent resource for the Psalms, I highly recommend this set. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. You can purchase your copy here.


First Lutheran said...

Because of the age of these books, I suspected they might be in the public domain, and thus, be available to read online. I checked the online books section of google, and it appears that at least some of the volumes can be found there. It looks like an excellent series!

Bill White said...

Dear Father Fenton,

The first two volumes of Neale & Lttledale's magnificent commentary are available on the web at http://books.google.com - search for "littledale psalms" without the quotes; Littledale also produced a similar sort of commentary on the Song of Songs, which is visible in the same search above.

Not as convenient as a printed book, but easier on the wallet!

Cheers -

Bill White

david+ said...

Bendiga, Estimado Padre!
Ah, those wonderful wonderful Anglicans and their biblical research!!! Where would the western world be without them!!!
I kiss your hand, Father.

en esperanza... dpc+