03 March 2007

What a Fine Gift!

Recently, one of my parishioners gave me a copy of A Commentary on the Psalms by J. M. Neale & R. F. Littledale. He gave it because we are currently studying the Penitential Psalms, and I lamented how the translation of St John Chrysostom's commentary on the Psalms does not contain comments on each of the 7 Psalms.

The Neale set is four volumes and is by no means not a new production. And it's a set I've desired for some time. It's packed with patristic commentaries on each Psalm as well as the liturgical use of the Psalms according to a number of usages (Gregorian, Ambrosian, Byzantine, etc.)

For those who are looking to buy their priest a great gift, or for those who are interested in an excellent resource for the Psalms, I highly recommend this set. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. You can purchase your copy here.


Bill White said...

Dear Father Fenton,

The first two volumes of Neale & Lttledale's magnificent commentary are available on the web at http://books.google.com - search for "littledale psalms" without the quotes; Littledale also produced a similar sort of commentary on the Song of Songs, which is visible in the same search above.

Not as convenient as a printed book, but easier on the wallet!

Cheers -

Bill White

david+ said...

Bendiga, Estimado Padre!
Ah, those wonderful wonderful Anglicans and their biblical research!!! Where would the western world be without them!!!
I kiss your hand, Father.

en esperanza... dpc+