20 May 2007

Sacerdos et Pontifex

On the bishop's arrival, the Priest presents him with a crucifix to be kissed; the Cantors then intone the following Antiphon:

Sacerdos et Pontifex *
et virtutum opifex
pastor bone in populo,
sic placuisti Domino.
T.P. Alleluia.

O priest and bishop, *
thou worker of all virtues,
good shepherd of thy people,
pray for us to the Lord.
Paschaltide: Alleluia.

Liber Usualis, p. 1840
Saint Ambrose Hymnal, #372


Unknown said...

If you want to literally translate the Latin, the fourth line reads: "Thus you have pleased the Lord."

Fr John W Fenton said...

Thanks, Rich, for this translation. I noticed that when I first posted this bit several years ago, and still cannot determine why the translation is so different from the Latin.

Yurodivi said...

There is another antiphon that actually reads "ora pro nobis Dominum." It's in the Liber Usualis that way at least once. The only place where "sic placuisti" completes this prayer is at the Solemn Reception of a Bishop.

See this link for the version by Morales; it ends with the "ora" version.