20 May 2007

What a Pleasant Surprise!

Today at Holy Incarnation, we were pleasantly surprised with a visit by His Grace, Bishop MARK. As the Bishop of Toledo & the Midwest in the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, Bishop MARK is the diocesan bishop for Holy Incarnation.

When he entered at the beginning of Lauds, His Grace was greeted with the chant Sacerdos et Pontifex. The Bishop presided from the bishop's throne during Lauds and Mass. At appropriate times during the Mass, His Grace blessed the thurible and sang "Peace be with you." At the end of the Mass His Grace gave the pontifical blessing and then was once again serenaded with Sacerdos et Pontifex during the retiring procession.

Bishop MARK then joined the parish for its monthly meal, and spoke briefly with the parishioners encouraging them to remain faithful.

Ad multos annos, Bishop!


THORmonger said...

I've met His Grace twice. He's an amazing man.

Jean-Michel said...

good news translated to French :


we don't have anymore such good places as a Western Rite parish in Continental Europe, and here, ALL bishops are most actively working to prevent any such parish to exist again. On the very ground where WRO is born.. and they say they love the saints of the Church who composed these Liturgies...
Kyrie eleison