18 May 2008

Easter Photos from a Sister Parish

Being the only Midwestern Orthodox parish in the Western tradition can sometimes produce feelings of loneliness. When that occurs, it is good to “connect” electronically with our sister Western Rite parishes.

As one means of making such a “connection,” this link is provided. It provides photos from this year’s Paschal celebration at St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Whittier, California.

HT: Western Orthodoxy


Sasha said...


Benedictus said...

Thanks, Father, for posting this. I am a parishoner of this good parish, where I serve as a subdeacon and choirmaster (you can see me in one of those pictures directing the choir).

A blessed Pentecostide to you and your parishoners.

Pray for me a sinner!

Subdeacon Thomas Llizo