14 June 2008

How Very Interesting

It intrigues me that one of the most serious and kindly critics of “What Options” recently became Roman Catholic.

Read about it here.


Ezekiel said...


Interesting,too, is the commentary in various place, eh?

Ezekiel said...


Interesting also is the commentary on this event in other places, eh?

Randy Asburry said...

Most interesting and intriguing, indeed! I read his story just a few evenings ago and thought, "My, a lot of those thoughts sound awfully familiar!"

Ezekiel, to which commentary in other places do you refer? I saw one response which trumpeted the LCMS position "on paper" and thought that was a most intriguing admission/concession in itself.

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

I offered a few thoughts on my blog (http://frgregory.blogspot.com). Note, among other things, how Pr. Woodring worked his way through the options Fr. Fenton had set forth in Chicago.