27 October 2009

Could He Have Nothing to Say??

This blog has been silent for some time. It is not because I've had nothing to say. My wife, children, parishioners and students will dispute that I'm ever at a loss for words.

Several factors have led to this "season of silence"; most especially my circumstances, which have left me busier than usual. Hopefully, I've become more adept at managing these circumstances (in other words, I've finally stumbled upon a routine) that may allow me to continue to share my thoughts.

Therefore, I shall attempt to do so beginning with my next post which, alas, is crass advertisement. Perhaps it may interest some.

1 comment:

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...

Father, there's no point in apologizing for not being an adept of the I-blog-therefore-I-AM mentality. :-)