27 October 2009

An Item That May Interest

All Saints Orthodox Church near St Louis is hosting a conference entitled "Living the Christian Faith in the Orthodox Western Tradition."

This conference is designed for those who are interested in Orthodoxy, yet within its western liturgical expression. Those who are already Orthodox are also welcome to attend.


Matt said...

That looks great. Wish I could be there. Any chance it will be recorded?

Fr John W Fenton said...

Hi Matt,

I know of no plans to record the conference. If I hear of such plans, I shall let you know.

Fr John W Fenton said...


Here's the answer from the conference host:

"Chances are we will record the conference (mp3 format) and post it on our website."

The website is http://www.allsaints-stl.org/

Matt said...

That's great! Thanks for the update.

I hope you and your family are well.

Michael said...

Thank you for sharing this, Father John. I should be interested to listen when it is published. Sadly, it's a little too far to travel to attend.

Anonymous said...

I greatly look forward to hearing this, once it's posted on this or another website. Can you please let us know, when it's available?