11 January 2007

A Colloquium

My friends at St Andrew's House are offering a colloquium later this month. Although it is billed "for Episcopal and Anglican clergy, spouses and lay leaders," anyone is welcome to attend.

Archbishop Nathaniel, of the Romanian Episcopate in the Orthodox Church in America, has set the tone for the colloquium with these words:

"'Faith of Our Fathers' will be an opportunity to explain who we Orthodox are to our Anglican brethren, and to show our love and concern for them in their time of trial," Archbishop Nathaniel said, referring to doctrinal divisions within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, and among the member churches of the worldwide Anglican Communion. "We hope Orthodoxy might be a salve that can help begin a process of healing," he said.

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, it should be noted that Bishop Wendell Gibbs, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, has promoted the colloquium among his clergy.

If you're able to attend, drop me an email or look for me.

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