21 January 2007

The Impact of Immigration & Migration

In today's Detroit Free Press, a front page story was published entitled "Ancient Ways Entice Detroit Christians." It details the growth of Orthodoxy in the United States due to immigration and the "migration" or conversion of other Christians. At the end, the article mentions the re-establishment of a Western Rite Orthodox mission in metro Detroit. More on that here.


Susan said...

I almost didn't recognize you in a tie. Forgive my ignorance, but Orthodox priests wear collars too, don't they? (So you'll look recognizable again next month?)

fr john w fenton said...


In public, Orthodox priests are required to wear clothing that identifies them as clergy. Those priests who do not regularly wear cassocks don clergy shirts. I will usually wear a clergy shirt.

I actually had to buy 2 ties. I am counting the days that they will be retired. :)

oratiomom said...

Wonderful article! It takes me a while to get around to things and I am just now listening to your interview on "Come Receive the Light". Blessings on your new mission parish. If the commute from Central PA to Detroit wasn't so long we would be there in February!