08 January 2007

Principle Issues: An Ambling Preamble

In "Chronicling a Journey," I address autobiographically and chronolically the events that led me to tender my resignation as a Lutheran pastor. Running concurrently with that series, I also wish to describe some of the significant theological issues with which I wrestled during the past 20+ years. Even though I endeavor to present them in a consise manner, none of what I shall describe came quickly, easily or lightly; and some are issues with which I continue to struggle. But now the struggle has shifted--from considering to living, from internalizing to enacting, from believing to doing.

Because of the deep-seated and slowly germinating nature of these wrestlings, it would be wrong to characterize these issues as "ah-ha moments" or "break-throughs." In other words, at no point did I one day wake up or read a book or hear a well-turned phrase or stumble across a thought and then conclude, "I know what I must do." Rather, despite my bold (read: prideful) and often reckless public and private utterances, it was really only a few days before I offered my resignation that I was truly settled and at peace with what I had figured would eventually happen.

As I will describe these issues, I ask you to believe me when I assert that my intent and sincere desire is not to persuade, rebuke or lead one to doubt, but to illustrate; and perhaps to enlighten those who were close enough to see some of the inner angst.

For lack of a catchy title but with a desire to categorize them easily, I shall simply call these occasional posts "Principle Issues."

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